Risk Based Lender
"The Credit Union Solution"





Summary - The Bottom Line

Discover how to put the full power of
risk based lending to work at your credit union.

When you purchase "Risk Based Lender – The Credit Union Solution”, you receive: 

  1. A complete "hardcopy" credit union lending package
    • No annual license fees or maintenance fees
    • No additional materials/supplies required (other than credit reports)
    • The package includes:
    • Basic training on how to become a proficient and confident risk based lender;
    • Step-by-step setup instructions;
    • Staff training material;
    • Tested and "optimized" risk tier levels for each Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit bureaus;
    • Board of Directors proposal template;
    • Sample risk based lending policy;
    • Tier testing score sheets;
    • Model Loan officer log;
    • Sample paycheck stuffer;
    • instructions on how to analyze, interpret, and mold your loan portfolio.
    • Plus, all material is on floppy disk, in Microsoft Word format, for easy credit union customization.
  1. The premieredual-risk score system” for credit unions.
    • Unlike single-risk scores, which only consider delinquency risk, this package evaluates delinquency risk -- plus -- bankruptcy risk. 
      If you agree that bankruptcy is a growing problem -- you need a 2 risk score system.  If you don't agree  -- no problem, the system can easily be modified to accommodate a one risk score program.
    • Each tier level is thoroughly tested and "blended", using a proprietary formula for optimum results.

  2. Flexible underwriting parameters and guidelines:
    • I explain the options -- you choose the best mix for your credit union's unique goals, operations, and membership base.
    • You determine your credit union's risk tolerance levels and establish the appropriate parameters within those levels.

    • You draw your own “line in the sand” to separate acceptable from unacceptable risk levels (automatic denials).

    • You choose what to do with your current under-writing guidelines and how or if you wish to incorporate them into this program.

    • You decide when and if you want to modify the underwriting parameters in order to meet short-term goals,  address changing economic conditions, and loan portfolio composition. 


  3. Excellent Value
    • Low selling price coupled with a wealth of information, analytical tools, and unlimited free support.
    • Free Clients Section for updates and new information.
    • Free email newsletter with latest risk based lender news and updates.
  4. Fastest-growing risk based lending product in the credit union industry
    • over 270 current credit union users (with assets ranging from $1 million to $750 million)
  5. 100% Risk-Free Trial Offer:
    •  Take up to one full year--365 days-- to evaluate this package.  If you are not completely satisfied – simply return the package for a prompt, courteous, hassle-free refund of your purchase price (excluding shipping & handling).

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What other credit unions are saying:

"From the first page of your Risk Based Lender - The Credit Union Solution, I was hooked!  Saying that you have mastered risk based lending would be an understatement.  Thank God you have crammed your endless research into one perfect package for credit unions..."

Robin Simpson
Lanier Federal Credit Union

"I think your program is the most comprehensive and understandable of all of the RBL plans I have come across.  Thanks for a program that keeps it simple."

Ted Glunt
Altoona Postal Employees Credit Union

"I have to give you an update on your program.  We are 100.1% loaned out, our delinquency ratio is .16%, and we're making money hand-over-fist.  The members love the program and so do we.  Thanks again!"

Joan E. Wagner
Saratoga Springs Federal Credit Union

"Having managed  this credit union for 21 years, I was appreciative of your approach to the issues as well as the clear and concise way that the material and method was presented."

Wendy Bailey
Dor Wic Federal
Credit Union

"After a year of using the matrix, our turn around time is quicker, all loans use the same criteria, and we're able to lend to members that may not have gotten loans before. Thank you Dave for all your help."

Gail Isles
Falls Federal Credit Union




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